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About Us

Welcome to Shiba AI

The ultimate meme coin with a twist. In a sea of dog-themed tokens, SHIBA AI stands out as the most meme-worthy cryptocurrency. We're not just about laughs; we're an AI-driven coin with a mission to bring utility to the meme world. Join us as we redefine the crypto landscape with humor, innovation, and a touch of artificial intelligence. This is SHIBA AI – where memes meet utility.



Meme coins have captured the imagination of the crypto community with their viral appeal and grassroots movements. However, they often lack fundamental utility and sustainability. Shiba AI seeks to transcend these limitations by integrating artificial intelligence into its ecosystem, unlocking new possibilities for meme coins.

Shiba AI's No-Tax Philosophy

Jump into the world of shiba AI confidently knowing that we've carefully desinged our tokenomics to prioritize your best interests.

Zero Purchase Tax

Get Shiba AI without getting in trouble. Start investing without paying taxes today.

Tax Free Selling

When you decide to sell, keep 100% of your profits with no deductions.

Liquidity Burned

We've set up systems to buy liquidity to make sure Shiba AI stays stable and secure for a long time.

No OwnerShip Required

Fully embrace community control without imposing any limitations on ownership.

Our Tokenomics



Token Type


Total Supply

  • 50% Eliminated for booster propellant
  • 27% dedicated to genesis liquidity pools
  • 13% allocated to 'Stellar Surprises' - cosmic presents for the galaxies.
  • 5% earmarked for the public relations, promotions, and stellar market listings
  • 5% reserved for nurturing the aspirations of the future in the seed funding phase.

Artificial Intelligence is The New Big Thing in Technology


Shiba AI emerges as a groundbreaking meme coin, blending the irreverence and community-driven ethos of meme coins with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. This whitepaper outlines the vision, mechanics, and potential impact of Shiba AI in reshaping the landscape of cryptocurrency.